For those of you who actually read my blogs and kept up, you already know the nonsense and bs that has been dealt with over the years with the city and just going through all motions to get the arcade going.  Over those years I had a ton of motivation to keep moving forward and every time I wanted to call it quits……… boom!  Something happened, whether it be someone reaching out to me from near or far, there was always something that kept me going and gave me the strength to keep pursuing what I thought was my dream of having this arcade and giving back to the community that I received so much from.

Well, now I stand pretty flattened and not very motivated at all.  I am taking a beating mentally, physically, and worst of all emotionally.  I have been pretty quiet over the past year but and there’s a ton of things that have just been eating at me.  The arcade was my escape, the arcade was my shining light that was always there for me when the worst of times hit.  Now, the arcade feels like a huge burden….  I don’t want to impose my problems to anyone but unfortunately it’s much too late for that.  I have bothered my close friends and family to the point where things are no longer salvageable with some of them.  I chased after the golden goose 1 too many times and now I am at a point where I can’t keep doing things alone.  I tore my bicep, I separated my shoulder, I gained back some weight after losing almost 40lbs, and all these things take a huge toll cause I can barely even carry a CRT TV and have to ask for help from the employees…..

All these things are no ones fault but my own and the bed I have made is the bed I shall lay.  Now the question is……. what do I do and where do I go from here?  All the groundwork is set, the arcade itself makes enough money to maintain itself but I am not making enough money to do what I want to do and I spend easily over 100 hours here a week.  I can work 2 jobs and clear 6 figures with ease had I dedicated my time in doing so.  But I chose to be here and continue to run tournaments because that is what I like and that is what makes me happy.  Unfortunately times have obviously changed and there is a major going more than once a month it seems.  I revamped and changed our weekly schedule around to coordinate with other locals and even that hasn’t increased business that much.  A sad fact is that Street Fighter is dead……..  no matter you look at it, when the biggest local gets no more than 20-25 players for their headliner game, that just doesn’t cut it.  Tekken on the other hand is killing it, and what used to be 8-man tourneys has now hit a consistent 30 plus no matter what day we run it on.  So where does that lead Super Arcade?

I have been approached by not only my workers/friends, but also a few outside sources that think we should keep things going.  I have been on the fence with shutting down tournaments for a while now, but recently it’s not just my emotions making the decision.  My wallet and bank are telling me I need to make a change.  This is not a threat that I am making, and in fact, I do not want people to pity the establishment here and force themselves to come or enter what they don’t enjoy or truly want to play.  I have an awesome regular and friend just this past weekend enter our Street Fighter Hyper Fighting tourney just because he wanted to boost the entrants.  But instead of making me happy with another player joining, it made me feel like I was once again being a burden to someone and this is not the vibe I want here.  I want people to be happy coming to the arcade.  I want people to genuinely enjoy being here and not have to make an effort to come have fun.  If the place is not fun for you, and if you aren’t getting enjoyment from being here, that’s obviously fine.  Then this is not something for you and I appreciate your past patronage.  Everyone has to move on and be lucky that you have a choice and you are not attached to this spot.  Me on the other hand, I have no choice since I have invested everything I have into the place and need to make the best of it.  As of right now I am shutting down Street Fighter 5 on Thursdays and might just make it a monthly if I decide to keep things going a bit longer.  I have some tournaments and obligations to fill this month including a wedding that’s going down here on the 27th.  At that time all the cubicles will be removed and I will make a decision based on the feedback and effort shown towards a tournament scene here.

I’m sorry if this post sounds dark and gloomy, but that is my mood as of late.  I have been going through many personal issues and what was once my escape from reality is now a stress weighing me down with great pressure.  Deep down I want to have a flourishing scene here, but as times go on and change, people just move on and find bigger and better things.  I cannot lie to myself and say things will be like they were when we used to get 70-100 players nightly cause that is just completely unrealistic.  But I also can’t continue to keep hosting events where people literally don’t even show up.  Not picking on any community in general, but we host NRS games and 4 out of the last 5 bi-weekly events, we have had almost no one here.  Communities always claim they have no support…… we offer free pot bonuses, a cheap $5 venue fee, a lot of room and plenty of set ups for tournament and casuals, yet they refuse to make an effort.. It is what it is.  But to continue to put forth the effort and love something that doesn’t love you back?  That will not continue.  Regardless, stay tuned for updates.  The back section is still here for a few weeks and if it’s something you would like to support, come play, have fun, let us know you love being here and we will continue to do what we can to run things.  If it’s just not your cup of tea anymore, no problem….  I understand and it’s just time to change.

Thank you all for reading and feel free to leave any comments on any of our social media.  Twitter is the best way to reach me and I will reply asap.  Thanks again and much love to the FGC family. – Mike Watson

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