Up until now I have been very silent about many situations that have come about over the past 3 years.  But today, oh…… today is very special.  Today is the day that is breaking the camel’s back.  This will not be a very nice post, nor will it be censored cause at this point I JUST DONT GIVE A FUCK!  I would like to think that I have kept a cool head regarding how things have gone and how things have turned out during these past 3 years.  I took a lot of heat from just about everyone while all I was doing was chasing my dream and passion for the arcade.  People from my immediate family, my closest friends, and of course who can forget all the online clowns.  But now, now I am fucking ridiculously furious.  Here’s the scenario.

I have been going through many inspections for the past 2 years, continuously complying with every little detail I am asked, and forking out all the money that is required to do all these things.  Everything from adding restrooms, changing out the ENTIRE electrical system, complying with all the handicap requirements from the lovely state of California.  You name it, I’ve done it.  So I was asked 2 weeks ago to repave the outside parking lot so it would be less than a 2 degree slope in order to fulfill the handicap parking requirements.  Done.  Then I was asked to make the backdoor handicap accessible and have a new glass door installed thats 42 inches with a 5 foot square concrete landing inside the shop to once again satisfy more handicap requirements.  No problem chief!  Done.

So you might be asking now, why am I so angry after already being dicked around for so many years?  What would set me off finally to where I would basically go apeshit and just be completely furious over a situation?  Let me go ahead and explain it to you guys.  So here’s how things work.  You call for an inspection appointment prior to the day and you have no idea what time you will be assigned.  You are asked to call in the next day at 8:30am to get a time block which can be anywhere from 8:30am until 12:30pm or from 10am till 3:30pm.  So I called last week on Wednesday and asked for a Tuesday appointment for a “Final Inspection.”  I paid my electrician to be here along with my contractor so they could walk the inspector around and answer any questions that I might not have an answer for.  I figure I would try to be responsible and have everything in place so things would go smoothly……  Guess again.  I call at 8:30am today, they mention I have a time block from 8:30am till 12:30pm but I am first in line.  I am literally 2 minutes walking distance from city hall mind you, so I was basically left with no leeway on time and luckily I was headed that way already..  Regardless, I kindly tell the lady that I will be at my shop in about 10 minutes and I hope I don’t miss my appointment.

I arrived at roughly 8:40am and there was no one here in my parking lot.  So I look around to see if they left a note stating they had attempted to inspect but no one was here.  Nope, no note…..  So 11:45 rolls around and I called over to city hall once again and politely asked if I had possibly misheard the lady when she said I was first in line.  She replied “Nope.  You were first in line and the inspector left a note stating no one was there at her time of arrival……”  Oh really?  So I walked around the building one more time to look for a note, and BOOM!  There is it, folded in half, laying on the floor next to the front door.  Cool.  So I was wrong.  Fuck.  I was late…. my fault.  Of course it’s my fault right?  This time….. Hell no!

Ok, so brief timeout here.  Yes, I could’ve tried to arrive here at 8:30am, and yes I could’ve planned things out a little better, but guess what?  IT WOULDN’T HAVE MATTERED!  Why is that?  Cause the note says Date 2/13/18 and Time 8:15AM…….  8 Mother Fucking 15!!!  What in the holy fuck man.  Seriously?  So let me get this straight.  Please explain this to me like I’m full blown retard.  The city asks people to call them at 8:30am to receive their appointment schedule, but somehow they show up at 8:15 and expect someone here?  Uh…….. NO?  As petty as this may seem, I am really just so sick of this shit right now.  I have literally done anything and everything to comply and this is just the cherry on top.  I picked up the note and walked over to the Building Division of Azusa to speak to the lady in person.  I kindly ask here if she can please contact the inspector and ask them if they would be able to return to the site to inspect today and this was a situation where I have been going through a lot for a couple years and would appreciate the help.  She tells me they can only have text communication and that she already texted the inspector and hopefully she will return by 2pm.  I then ask her if she noticed a flaw in their system where they ask the customer to call at 8:30am for a schedule yet they send out the inspector prior to that and expect people to just be there.  She said that it’s quite normal for that particular inspector to arrive early but wait until 8:30 to show up.  Bullshit! Cause if that was the case, my note would not say 8:15.  I had to keep a real cool head about this but still get my point across.  It so tough dealing with people who literally give no fucks about you yet hold your life by a string.  Unfucking real that I am still dealing with little shit like this and can’t even get an inspection to arrive properly.

end /rant

More details to come.  Should be streaming later to discuss what happened and hopefully its good news.  But as of now, this city can seriously go eat a dick.  Pz.

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