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Time For A Change

Well, its been a couple months now and the turnouts for Wednesday and Thursday are pretty weak.  I would first like to thank everyone who spent their time to attend our events and visit us during the week.  I would also like to thank Sherryjenix and NerdJosh for being very helpful and sticking with me … Continued

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Looking to sell (2) LA Lakers tickets for 1/5/20. Asking price $250 each obo. If interested DM me. Would like to complete transaction in person to avoid any issues. Thanks!


Did you guys eat healthy yesterday? There's no need to wait till New Year to make a resolution. Get started now! Share your stories of success or desires to improve yourself and your health. You are not alone in you're struggles to get fit and stay there! Let's go!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I am thankful for:

My 2 lovely daughters
My friends and family
All the love and support from this wonderful community
But most important, I am happy to be alive and see another day!

Take nothing for granted and cherish every moment you can people!

On a not so positive note.. @BushinStyle6 Using your own logic, here is a question for you : Just cause I can beat your ass does that mean I should? Ask yourself that before you continue this bully nonsense. Apologize to @sherryjenix then give yourself a timeout for your own good

Man...... Been seeing a few mentions this morning about the arcade and getting some nice texts from people. I miss @SuperDojo more than you can imagine and I'm happy that many of you found a home there. The FGC is amazing and everyone needs to do their part to keep it alive! ❤